Shift Swapping Software that handles the unexpected

When employees can't make their assigned shift, allow them to swap or offer it to someone who can.

Manage shift changes, simply.

Shift Swap

If an employee doesn't want to lose hours but can't work their assingned shift, Shift Swap allows them to directly swap out their shift with an appropriate colleague.

Management Approval

For full visibility over your team’s actions, you can opt for management approval over all Shift Swap actions so there's no surprises on the day.

Shift Offer

If an employee can't work a shift that week, they can drop the shift for an appropriate employeee to accept, or allow the manager to fill it.

How it works

Employees will see a ‘Can’t Work’ button on their shift detail screen or navigate through the menu options to find ‘Swap Shift’.

A list of who’s available to swap for any or all of the open shifts will be shown to employees.

Employees will receive a push notification on their phones or email depending on their notification settings on the app.

Stay on top of extra costs

Know exactly how costly every Shift Trade is, to help you decide whether to approve the trade or not.


Ensure every swap is within business rules

Deputy's Shift Swapping feature gives you peace of mind when allowing staff to shuffle their schedules. You'll know employees are safe to cover the shift on offer and stay compliant with their maximum permitted hours.